Hell of a great guy and excellent dog trainer! Helped me train my 2 dobermans and GSD to schutzhund titles!  Thanks! Dan B.

I have had the pleasure of having my dog trained by Mark, Ann Marie and Peter for almost the last three years. They first were able to provide the right dog with the specific temperament for our unique working and home situation. Over the course of the last 3 years of my involvement with their working dog club, I quickly realized that they are without doubt the most knowledgeable group of dog professionals you will find anywhere. The have the knowledge, expertise and understanding to work through any type of training or behavior modification issue, whether that be the dog or the handler/owner. Dogs come to them for training from around the country and world and for good reason. They are the very best. Whatever concern or goal you desire for your dog; this is where you need to be. They are second to none!

Mark Glenn




I have been training with Mark Chaffin for just over four years. Mark epotimitzes what I believe to be a professional dog trainer.  He has the best interest of the dog in mind at all times and uses his experience to balance the drives of the dog through channeling the dogs energy in a positive direction.  Mark uses obedience training as the basic foundation for all aspects he trains.  In tracking, Mark trains using obedience to clearly communicate to the dog that "this is the track you follow," allowing the dog to use its natural instinct on the track.

Mark works selflessly with members of the club to help them and their dogs reach their full potential. Thank you,

 Tim Reiber

Dog Bite Prevention Seminars for the community:

El Paso County Humane Society

I have known Mark for 20 years!  He is a great trainer and a good friend! Dewey C.

I have been training with Ann Marie Chaffin for just over four years.  Her passion for training dogs is evident in her accomplishments on both the field and in judging events.  She uses her experience to assist other members of our club to reach their potential as a handler.  Ann Marie trains using step by step approach with her dogs.  She will work on one aspect of obedience and perfect it with the dog before introducing an new command.  Once the dog is proofed in each aspect, she will then combine the pieces to form a perfect picture.  She incorporates this philosophy into all aspects of the sport, tracking, obedience, and protection.

Additionally, Ann Marie is a teacher!  Tim R.


A thank you from one of  the 1st grade classes after a Dog Bite Prevention Seminar
I bought a black German Shepherd his name is Timmy out of a select breeding of Mark & Ann Marie Chaffin's kennels . I got him as a personal protection dog for my family. But he turned out to be much more than we could ever expect. Timmy is the best dog I have ever had he is super smart, very loyal , fearless, a true working dog and my best friend. My family wouldn't know what to do without him .We feel so safe with a well trained dog at our home .
Thanks again


I have been to many clubs and I find that Mark's training is more effective.  It is very impressive to see a dog trained by Mark competing in a trial.  I have known Mark for almost 10 years.  June S.

I have worked with Mark, AnnMarie, and Peter for five years. I am constantly amazed by their dedication to training.
Their abilities to train obedience are shown to each dog with such clarity. I love to see the transformation that happens from the first session on.
They are so willing and able to give such valuable instruction to the handlers that they help.
The way they explain the picture and process of tracking gives even the novice handler a great understanding.
Each dog matters to them. I truly consider myself to be training amongst the very best .

I have been training with Peter Winney for just over four years.  Peter has some of the best natural training skills of individuals I have trained with.  His vision and timing are incredible.  He is able to use these tools to properly train in obedience, tracking, and protection.  By being able to make timely adjustments, the dog builds a foundation that is solid and stable under Peter's training. 

Additionally, Peter takes the time to teach handlers about what he sees and is able to articulate the proper training manuevers necessary to have the handler and their dog reach their full potential.  Tim R.