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Dangerous Dog Consultant for El Paso and Douglas County, Colorado.


TRIAL COMPETITION RESUME: Mark Chaffin has been in schutzhund for 35 years and has received the 25 year pin from USA.   He started schutzhund in 1976 and titled his first dog to schutzhund 1 in 1978.  He started High Plains Schutzhund Club, Inc. in 1991 with his wife.  High Plains is one of the most titling clubs in the US with over 300 titles to date and a record 36 titles in a one year period.   He has trained numerous dogs from 8 weeks on up to SchH 3 and is in the Schutzhund 3 club three times with his own dogs.  Mark has worked over 9 years with police in the Denver area and still consults today.  One officer made it on the world team to Europe while in the club.  Mark has trained many competitors to title at the local, regional, national and international level.  Mark is most proud of his ability to work with dogs no one else could title.  He has qualified five different dogs for Nationals and has won Regionals with 2 different dogs.  He had seven club members competing in the 1993 Regional Championship and he and another club member tied for high protection honors.  Three High Plains' members showed at the 2005 Regionals.  His club has hosted many big events such as the World Qualifier (which Mark competed in), the Doberman Nationals, the American Working Dog Nationals (High Plains had 3 competitors entered) and the Bouvier Nationals (High Plains had one competitor entered).  He trained the high scoring Bouvier at the AWDF Championships in Phoenix and was the high scoring German Shepherd Dog at the AWDF Championships in Savanna, Illinois and 1st place Schutzhund 1 dog.  He helped three competitors to qualify and successfully compete at the Nationals in Birmingham, Alabama.  Mark has done many seminars from Alaska to Hawaii to Illinois and in between.  He has done numerous trials as a helper at local, regional and national level with great success.  He has traveled around the country helping other trials with helper work.

Picture from our train ride to Seward, Alaska

A few

     Regional and National Accomplishments



2005 Regional High Protection Jago v Eichenluft and Mark


2005 Regional High Tracking Rguard and Audie


Patty Bartley and Ukon

2006 Regional High Protection!

Ann Marie Chaffin

2009 High Protection, High Obedience

and High in Trial!

Jamie Norris and Sarek

2009 Regional High SchH 2!

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